Our story

Hallo, my name is Jacque, and I am the founder of Klowki.

My interaction with tallow started in 2017.

My daughter, then aged 14, suffered from seasonal eczema since a young age. It was heartbreaking to see her go through this at every season change. 

Having been in the pharmaceutical and healthcare environment for more than  20 years, with the experience and contacts I accumulated over this time, I was extremely frustrated, as I was not able to help.

We tried antihistamines, cortisone, corticosteroids, and a million other products. Oral medication had little to no effect and some creams and ointments might help for one season, but not the next.

As the bills added up, I spent countless hours researching eczema and possible solutions, but it was my wife that found some information on tallow. 

I was sceptical at first, but having nothing to lose, and tallow being a natural product, we tried it.

I was amazed, and my daughter out of her skin.(pardon the pun) 

If only I knew about this sooner!! 

Although I found tallow on it's own beneficial, the smell was a bit concerning, as no one would like to smell like a braai after they finished their skin routine.

I started investigating other options, and it wasn't long before I added other ingredients, like essential oils, castor- and coconut oil, coal tar, coffee, argon oil and baobab oil. We even started to infuse our products with the likes of rooibos tea, etc.

We started sharing this product with our friends and family, and the benefits seemed endless. The baby balm was soon created, which is an excellent body balm for babies. We also have the best treatment and deterrent for nappy rash and cradle cap, and that is a fact.

Obviously, from this, we started using and promoting tallow for other skin treatments, like acne treatments, scar and stretch mark treatments, moisturizers, foot and body scrubs, to name a few, and tallow did not disappoint.

You can browse through our Instagram and Facebook pages to see some testimonials from our customers.

 We founded www.klowki.co.za with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable Online Skin Care Shop that is adding quality to life. We know that every product counts and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself!